Humanele Explained

The online language comprises abbreviations, emoticons, memes etc, and these are changing with new language components being added and others being removed on a daily basis. Automated systems need to be recalibrated each time there’s a new addition, while Humanele is able to adapt instantaneously.

Our Process Explained in Graphic Below:

Data Aggregation / Storage

Data collection across assets with varying developer API’s causing interruptions in publicly available data points.

Extraction / Enhancement

Drawing conclusions and spotlighting trends to gather missing data and expand on existing errors and points.

Data Visualization

Customized adaptive display of data ranging in viewpoints and situational needs.

Response Systems

Systems that integrate response protocol with existing management departments.

Automated Mechanisms

Automated response mechanisms triggering when, how, and why to take the optimal action.

Sentiment ROI

Value proposition is realized in real-time and historical data is analyzed for future trends.

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