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Analysis Enterprise System

Human Sentiment Analysis system for the enterprise, reducing existing automation inconsistencies while streamlining reporting and responses.

The Human Filter Element

What is Humanele?

A turn-key solution for assessing consumer sentiment, providing brands with the most actionable insights based on their needs. Humanele passes comment strings through real humans, en masse with an average turnaround time of 5-9 hours - irrespective of comment string size.

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Maximize sentiment analysis accuracy

Automated sentiment system advancements are approximately 67% effective, however the rapidly shifting digital landscape requires deeper and more granular analysis - made possible by Humanele.

Advanced Features

Asset Partitioning

Platform Intent

A platform's intent dictates comment style, response mechanism, tone, intent and other varying conversational indicators.

Platform Relevance

The relevance of a platform to an organization’s overall sentiment portfolio has a great deal of dependence on obvious similarities between the platforms aim and the brand itself.

Platform User

The average platform user, and the target market must be identified in order to create both appropriate responses and to understand the 'why' behind expressed sentiment.

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Asset Partitioning
Asset Partitioning

Mobile Sentiment

Mobile Attribution

Advanced Insights about your consumer sculpts relevant metrics creating impactful top-line strategic initiatives.

Through partnerships with several data partners we are able to extract data from an array of enterprise sources using pre-existing relationships and/or assets.

  • Verification Process Extended
  • Conversation Length
  • Preview per Platform
  • On-page Interaction
  • In-app vs. on Web
  • Available information
  • Geographic information

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