Asset Partitioning

The purpose of a platform will dictate the style of comments, the response mechanism and the tone customers will expect from the business.

There are three major ways to partition assets:

Platform Intent

A platform’s intent dictates comment style, response mechanism, tone, intent and other varying conversational indicators.

Platform Relevance

The relevance of a platform to an organization’s overall sentiment portfolio has a great deal of dependence on obvious similarities between the platforms aim and the brand itself.

Platform User

The average platform user, and the target market must be identified in order to create both appropriate responses and to understand the ‘why’ behind expressed sentiment.

Platform Intentions


Some platform’s primary objective is to act as the sounding board for negative comments and reviews, while others promote both positive and negative.


Social media and other platforms driving consumer traffic and responses without brand initiatives in place, leading to high neutral which are easily split using in-depth competitor analysis.


Help consumers make educated purchasing decisions based on customer feedback.


Message boards and forums that promote back and forth conversations vary greatly in tone level, as well as brand impact due to the comments which come as the result of an emotional conversation.


Penname profile growth and engagement is gaining traction among consumers given privacy concerns, brand responsiveness required.


Used to reach out and connect people who have similar beliefs, tastes, morals, ethics and much more. The commonalities that drive user engagement on a platform will impact sentiment expression, in a way that only Humanele can determine.

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