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The most accurate and indepth sentiment analysis system.
Turn your spreadsheets into actionable data the most accurate and indepth sentiment analysis.

“Humanele helped us identify actionable sentiment analysis trends that shaped our marketing decisions per audience and platform.”

- The Weinstein Company

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This case study gives an in-depth analysis of how sentiment analysis is predictive for consumer product trends. The monitoring of expressed sentiment across platforms, combined with search query data is a valuable predictive tool for distribution contracts.

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This case study gives an indepth analysis of how search queries are related to theme part attendance figures. The data is extracted directly from Google’s own Paid Search Advertising platform.

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A competitive sentiment analysis was conducted for regional fitness facility groups. Overall positive results correlate to membership growth rates year-over-year with Equinox evidencing top performance by a narrow margin from others examined.

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“Making sense of our sentiment analysis has been a struggle given our wide ranging financial products and presence across different mediums. Humanele provided the custom dashboard and reporting to tie it all into our brand assessment and analysis. ”

- Bank of America

Determining where Quizno's brand influencers (positive and negative) were having their conversations went well beyond the brand’s social media platforms, into more niche sites. We provided the full conversation scope to adapt outreach into more effective areas.

The correlation between team apparel sales and sentiment enabled segmentation of fans into two distinct profiles with varying conversion rates on differing marketing outreach methods.

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With 260 million unique monthly visitors, 53+ million registered members and 100+ million reviews and opinions across 725,000 hotels globally.

- Stephen Kaufer, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director

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